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Sifl and Olly

April 21, 2017


The good folks at, site of Jason Kottke (basically the O.G. content aggregator/curator, before those were dirty words), this week asked people for their favorite under-the-radar internet things. Mine has to be The Sifl and Olly Show, which was on MTV from 1997 to 1999—the days when MTV was “music television” and was funky […]

Salman Rushdie in 2008

December 28, 2016


Apropos of nothing, let me share a literary memory. In the summer of 2008, I went to see Salman Rushdie read and speak at the Harvard Memorial Church in Cambridge. On that day, he said something I have always remembered and liked. At the time, I was 21 and had only read one book by Rushdie, […]

A new job

January 6, 2016


Some quick news I’m happy to share here. personal news: I'm leaving Fortune to join @YahooFinance. I'll also write often for @YahooSports. excited for the next step! — Daniel Roberts (@readDanwrite) January 4, 2016 I started at Fortune on October 18, 2010. I learned so much and owe a great deal to a number of key people […]

My favorite book of 2015

December 21, 2015


I read 47 books this year. Man, reading books is so awesome. Too many people, I fear, stop reading books because they’re busy keeping up with magazines. (Or they read neither!) Better to achieve a balance of both. But it’s difficult. Of the books I read this year, these were especially outstanding: The Splendid Things We Planned, Blake […]

The best books I read in 2014

December 28, 2014


As my free time to write at this blog gets more and more limited, I’m slimming down my annual books post to just the very best one or two. I wish I could devote a beefy writeup to all ten of these, but there’s no time; such is the reality. I read 38 books this year, 18 of which were […]

The best books I read in 2013

January 5, 2014


I’m always careful not to call this post “the best books” of the year, since I can’t claim to have read all of the great new fiction from the year or even most of it, and since many of my favorite books (usually) aren’t new. But this year, actually, I did read mostly new fiction, […]

The Place Beyond the Pines

May 2, 2013


This movie was not what I expected. And it’s not, I imagine, what most people that go to see it expect. The greatest surprise of this film also may have been its biggest weakness: it is actually three movies in one. You don’t know that going into it because the mainstream trailer, understandably, makes it […]