My mom on Girls

Posted on January 26, 2013


My mom is currently watching the first season of HBO’s “Girls.” Our brief exchange about it, over the phone, was kind of funny. The chat is below.

Dan: And do you like it?

Mom: No.

D: But why are you watching it?

M: Well it’s been so well-received, I wanted to see what the fuss is about. And Lena Dunham is coming to speak at the MFA with her mother in February, and I’m going.

D: How far in are you?

M: Three, four episodes? I don’t know. [Exasperated sigh.] I just don’t get it.

D: What don’t you like?

M: Maybe I just don’t understand. But I feel like, what’s left? If this is what she does, or if this is what girls in New York in their twenties do now, what’s left for later, when they’re older and married? She has sex, uh, doggy style, and they talk to each other while they’re on the toilet, and she’s watched her boyfriend masturbate. What’s left?

D: Okay.

I’m thinking there’s a generational disconnect here.

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