Books I’m reading—plus articles I loved.

Last updated 4/29/17

book log:

Current: The Vorrh, Brian Catling

Ten most recently read: Lincoln in the Bardo, George Saunders; Ill Will, Dan Chaon; Ema, The Captive, Cesar Aira; Ghachar Ghochar, Vivek Shanbang; The Mark and the Void, Paul Murray; Universal Harvester, John Darnielle; The Childhood of Jesus, JM Coetzee; Hillbilly Elegy, JD Vance; Stormy Weather, Carl Hiaassen; The Fortunes, Peter Ho Davies.

recommended reads (most recent at the top):

– The book that scandalized the New York intellectuals (New Yorker)
– How an animal lover turned her father’s investment into a money-losing website (Gawker)
– The empire of edge (New Yorker)
– The CEO whisperer (Fortune)
– Before the law (New Yorker)
– Donald Antrim and the art of anxiety (NYT mag)
– Wrong answer (New Yorker)
– One of a kind (New Yorker)
– Diagnose this (Harper’s)
– Old school: The DJ Peter Rosenberg (New Yorker)
– How to fail in business while really, really trying (Fortune)
– The new king of chess (New Yorker)
– Life as a terrorist (Harper’s)
– Postscript: Peter Kaplan (New Yorker)
– Dirty Medicine (Fortune)
– Up all night (New Yorker)
– The Hanging (Atlantic)
– Here is what happens when you cast Lindsay Lohan in your movie (NYT mag)
– The lives they lived: Adam Yauch (NYT mag)
– Comic strip: Only mouth (Berfrois)
– A slice of a house in Poland (NYT)
– Inside New York’s last sensory deprivation tank (Awl)
– The cranky wisdom of Peter Kaplan (TNR)
– All about Andy Roddick (Grantland)
– How William Faulkner tackled race and freed the South from itself (NYT)
– When a hazing goes very wrong (NYT)
– Confessions of an Ivy League frat boy (Rolling Stone)
– What happens when a 35-year-old man retakes the SAT? (Deadspin)
– Psychoanalyzing Lucian Freud (Vanity Fair)
– Matt Green’s goal is to walk every street in New York City (NYT)
– Barry Minkow: All-American con man (Fortune)
– Manuscript page of Don DeLillo’s Libra (A Piece of Monologue)
– One thing most guys never miss about retiring from the NBA (ESPN)
– How a podiatrist sign became a literary icon (Salon)
– Tintin, boy reporter (NYT)
– Consensual hallucination and Mario Kart (Last Word on Nothing)
– Jorma Taccone and Kaka Sungura rap in Nairobi (AFAR)
– Life after Zionist summer camp (Awl)
– David Mitchell, the experimentalist (NYT)
– The temptation of Tiger Woods (Vanity Fair)
– Farmhouse palette (NYT)
– A conversation with John Irving (NYT)
– Infinite Jest photo tour of Boston (flickr)
– The mystery of Bartlett Lake (Vanity Fair)
– Charlie Rose interviews David Foster Wallace, 1997 (there are four parts)
– He was a crook (Atlantic)

3 Responses “Reading” →

  1. A.Ralen

    July 2, 2010

    Interesting! Are you enjoying Blindness? Painful to read, no?

  2. +1 to this page


  3. SusieeQ

    June 11, 2012

    I loved that essay on Mario Kart. And never would have found something like that on my own, so thanks!


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